FOR NEXT WEEK, read Acts 2:1-21, and reflect on the following questions.

  • What would your response be seeing some ordinary people speaking in a variety of languages? Would you believe them, or think they are frauds? How did the people in the text respond?
  • How does Peter respond to the crowd? What strikes you about his response?
  • How does he see Joel’s prophecy fulfilled here? (See Joel 2 and 3 for the context and prophecy.)

QUILTS: Hanging along the side walls and balcony railing of our sanctuary are the quilts made over this last year. They are part of the combined work of the community-based Quilting Queens who sewed together the tops, the Emmaus Quilters who put together the layers and tied them, and a group of volunteers from Cherrywood Point of Roseville Retirement Home who also tied several quilts a month. In addition, several quilts were completed at the end of February at an all-congregation event put together by the social ministry committee and funded through Thrivent. We have been blest with not only the efforts of many hands but donations of fabric and funds for the purchase of batting. After dedication in our worship today, the quilts will be given to Lutheran World Relief and the Orphan Grain Train for distribution worldwide in disaster relief.

GIDEONS: A Gideon representative will give a brief presentation in the church service next week. The sole purpose of the Gideons is to win men, women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Gideons have distributed over two billion scriptures around the world since 1908.

BUMP, SET, SPIKE! Do you like Volleyball and good Christian fellowship? If you do, you should play on Emmaus’ sand volleyball team. I am trying to form a team to play in Roseville’s sand volleyball league. This is a co-ed league, and the games will be at 6:10 or 7:15 depending on the week. Games will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. The season will be 7 matches, including the playoffs, and will begin in early August and end in the middle of September. Please contact Pastor Kooi if you are interested.

OUR SUMMER SCHEDULE begins Sunday, June 4. Worship will be on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for the summer (with Education Hour at 8:30) and Maria will be in the office Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – JUNE 4. We will be voting on boards and officers for the 2017-2018 year and two building improvements. We will be having a brunch, so please bring your favorite brunch dish to share! If you are able to help with the brunch, please sign up on the sheet on the narthex table.

SENIOR MOMENTS: Come join us on Thursday, June 8 at 11:30 a.m. for our next Senior Moments event. Our guest speaker for this month will be Bea Haagenson. She will tell us about her life in Denmark, her experience of being a missionary in Africa for many years, and how she ended up here in the Twin Cities. As always, there will be a light meal and refreshments, songs with Maria, and a devotion from Pastor Kooi. We look forward to having you and seeing you there!

CAMPING WITH GOD’S COVENANTS: Join us as we journey with God’s people this summer and listen to stories of God’s promises in Sunday School. All children ages Preschool to Middle School are welcome! Sundays 8:30-9:15, June 4th – September 3rd

HOSPITAL BED – Free to anyone who could use it. Please contact Dean or Marilyn.

DID YOU KNOW? Each week on the back table in the narthex there are sermon outlines with all the answers to the questions and blanks. If you have missed one, or are unsure of what the answer may be, feel free to grab one of the sheets to take home with you. They also make nice devotions and a review for what was talked about on Sunday.

E-MAIL NEWSLETTER: If you would like to receive the Emmaus Footprints (our monthly newsletter) via email, please ask Maria in the office.

GOLF: Looking for some Father’s Day weekend fun? Sign up for the LLL golf event at Goodrich Golf Course on June 17th. Prizes and surprises. Reserve a tee time…call Chuck Sandstrom.


Psalm Pstudy

Come join us every Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30 as we study the Psalms! In this study, we will look at a different psalm each week. In addition, we will learn about Hebrew poetry and how to pray the psalms. This study will be about ten weeks long, and please feel free join us whenever you can! You do not have to make every session to attend, or for it to make sense. Below are the psalms that we will be studying with the title for each study. This new study will begin on June 1st.

Psalm 1: Blessed in the Lord

Psalm 51: Before the Forgiving God

Psalms 128 and 130: Hope in the Lord

Psalm 49: Trust Not in Riches

Psalm 103: Praise the Lord

Psalm 118: Give Thanks to the Lord!

Psalm 44: God’s People Cry Out

Psalm 109: Righteous Retribution

Psalm 136: His Love Endures Forever

Psalm 72: Long Live the King